Discription Of Partner

“Doña Jimena” is a rural Adult Education Center situated in San Esteban de Gormaz, a small village with 2.500 inhabitants, in the province of Soria, community of Castilla y León in Spain.
The center handles a request of two villages, San Esteban de Gormaz and El Burgo de Osma. Both villages are very close.
The staff is formed by two primary teachers, two English teachers and two vocational training teachers.
There are over 275 students in “Doña Jimena”. Most of them come from the different small villages to attempt to the courses because of different causes:
• Immigrants who want to learn Spanish
• Pupils who haven’t finished their studies at Secondary Level when they were teenagers and now they realize that they need it to work.
• Pupils who want to learn English as a second language or improve the different skills because they have studied English at school.
• Pupils who haven’t gone to school because of their personal problems.
• Pupils who want to learn how to use a computer or improve their knowledge about different topic as education, graphic design, web page design, etc … using internet an electronic mail with their tutor as a communicative tool.
• Pupils who are interested in plumbing in order to get a certificate which can be useful for their future jobs.
• Pupils who are interested in taking care old people in order to get a certificate which can be useful for their future jobs

In “Doña Jimena”, students can find lots of courses:
• Literacy and new readers.
• Basic Skills.
• Secondary Education for Adults
• Preparation to sit for an exam to obtain the Secondary Education Diploma
• Workshops orientated to Professional development: Plumbers & Social Care Attention
• ITCs development
• Aula Mentor Program
• English courses





Minutes Of The Conference


DAY 1 – Monday 26th of May:

Welcome to Doña Jimena and Spain, information about the program and the plans for the meeting
The headmistress of Doña Jimena welcomed the participants of the project, opened the conference and showed the building to see the Spanish institution. Ana Gimenez presents the “Spanish Educational System”, development of basic skills trainers and teachers, achievements and obstacles.
Ana Minguito introduced the Adults education in Spain and Doña Jimenas’ courses. The participants showed their interest and asked questions about it. After that all of them went to the computer classroom and Ana Minguito showed the Spanish best practice Teaching using “Virtual Classroom”. They could see the interactive tool which is used in Doña Jimena and they can use it as the students do.

DAY 2 –Tuesday 27th of May:

Ana Minguito checked that the website is working perfectly.
All the partners all partners actively participated in completing the Final Report. Kato and Silvia were writing it.
We decided the the Evaluation of the Spanish visit should be done as last day 6th June.
All the evaluations of the different visits should be sent before 13th June.
Hungary, France and Spain have prepared a chart with the explanation of their best practices. We decide that Norway and Turkey must do it too.
The visitors could see the work in the different courses of the school.
Official closing with the Head of the area of Educational Programs of Soria and the Major of San Esteban de Gormaz. Delivery of certificates of attendance.
Visit to the Primary and Secondary School of the village and the Home school.

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